Source: Rabobank

Μέχρι να λυθεί το πρόβλημα, του ανοίγματος θεμάτων,
από τα νέα μέλη, ανεβάζω αυτό, εκ μέρους του MAuVE

“The correction in AUD/USD between early March and the May low sliced
10% from the value of the aussie. The move was underpinned by the
recent 50 bps rate cut from the RBA and by expectations that the
central bank could act again. The June 5 RBA policy meeting is fast
approaching and the market is priced for a 25bp cut. In contrast we
expect no policy change. If we are correct the market could find
increased reason to buy back a few AUD vs. the USD. AUD/EUR has been
pushed higher since mid-May. We would be buyers on dips towards the
February low near AUD/EUR 0.7925.” Jane Foley, senior currency
strategist at Rabobank International.

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